Slade Packing Replacement

slade packingsHere at Bergman Specialty Products we offer crossover options for a wide variety of brands, including Slade Inc., a well regarded manufacturer of sealing and packing products. Though we are not a distributor or manufacturer for this company, we are more than happy to assist you with your Slade packing related needs. We supply die form and pre-set rings made to whatever ID and OD specifications you require, plus lantern rings for your stuffing box and pumping requirements. We also stock valve packing. All of our products make fitting alternatives for whatever Slade packing requirements you may have. We offer Slade packing crossover options of the highest quality, compliant with the highest industry standards, including brands like Palmetto, Garlock, Teadit, Sepco and New England Braid, to name just a few. Not only that, but our pricing is highly competitive as well. All of our products are available in a wide range of materials like graphite and Teflon and also come in a variety of sizes, including both standard and metric options, as well as more uncommon designs for machines which have been refurbished or have become outdated. So the next time you have a Slade packing requirement for valves, expansion joints or centrifugal pumps, give us a call. We can find you a number of fantastic alternatives under many highly respected brand names, all with great pricing. Call today to speak with one of our acclaimed customer service representatives and let us start working for you. Here at Bergman, all we wish to do is ensure that you have the best product possible fo your needs.

  • Well-regarded brands like Palmetto, Garlock, Teadit, Chesterton, Sepco and New England Braid, as well as many others.
  • A hug variety of die form, pr-set and lantern rings available.
  • We carry options in whatever material you may need.
  • We offer whatever size best meets the parameters of your project.
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